How To Start Working Out

21 August 2016

Making the decision to start working out and getting yourself in better shape is an important first step, so congratulations on choosing a healthier you. But just because you have decided the time is now to start getting your body in better shape doesn’t mean you’re 100% clued up on how to go about it. Before diving in and starting to crank out burpees and sit-ups it’s important to take some important steps first to determine your current physical health, what type of exercise program would best suit you and how to properly care for and nourish yourself before, during and after workouts. This guide will help you determine a workout regime that’s safe, healthy and help you to get you the results you’re looking for.


Assess Your Current Fitness Level

This is a critical first step for anyone embarking on a new fitness and workout routine. By skipping this step you could be putting yourself in danger of injury. It’s important to know your current physical shape so that you don’t take on too much and workout in a way that’s beneficial not detrimental. A good health assessment will include recording your current measurements, monitoring your pulse rate while at rest and during exercise, the length of time it takes you to walk a kilometre and your flexibility. You may find it wise to speak with your doctor or a personal trainer before beginning any program to ensure you’re safely working towards your goals. Above all listen to yourself – and take a break to rest.

Design Your Workouts Around Your Goals

A workout routine needs to be designed to meet your specific goals, whether that be muscle gain, weight loss, toning or cardiovascular fitness. Research your fitness goals and how to achieve them or consult your doctor or a personal trainer to learn which exercises and activities are best suited to getting the job done, building your workouts around those goals. Generally speaking, exercises that give your whole body a workout are much better than over-doing isolation exercises, ensuring you build the all important core, maintain a good equilibrium & strength throughout.

A sporadic workout habit or even regular workouts with poor balance of nutrition will not be effective. It is important to properly balance your lifestyle in order to support your goals, ensuring you’re working out regularly, taking good care of yourself and eating and sleeping properly are all important to working towards a healthier you.

No matter your goals be sure to start small and simple, building up equipment and rigorous activities to ensure you can handle the increased exercise and you learn how to workout properly. It’s also essential to wear workout gear that works for you, be it wristbands to support your wrists, it a sports bra that stops your bust moving about too much whilst you exercise, or the right pair of trainers to cushion your knees.


Ensure a Proper Diet

No amount of exercise will help you achieve your health goals without a proper diet to back it up. Eating properly is especially important before and after a workout to make certain your body has the energy and vitamins required to carry you through and help you recover.

Even when not eating to cater to your workouts it’s important to ensure you’re consuming a well- balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, always being mindful of caloric intake and protein.

Once you have the basics covered, start fine tuning your workouts to target your fitness goals.